Package List

What to Take on a Sailing Holiday: Below, you may find a few packing tips that can help you be prepared for your upcoming sailing experience.


Do not forget to have your passport or your ID card, your driver’s license, your credit card, and your medical card, just in case you need them.


Sailing requires comfortable clothes such as shorts, T-shirts, dresses, light jacket, sandals and sun protective clothing such as sunhats and cover-ups. Last but not least, do not forget your swimsuit, your sunglasses and your swim towels.


From the moment that sunbathing will be the protagonist of your holiday, you have to protect your skin. So, it is vital to have sunscreen with a high sun protection index, after sun lotion, moisturizing creams and lip balms.


These are the useful devices you have to pack for your cruise: charger, camera and of course you cell phone..