Athens Luxury Private Cruise to Aegina and Moni Golden Yachting and Sailing

Athens – Aegina Motor Sailer Daily Cruise (Motor Sailer 65)

Alimos Marina, Aegina, Athens, Moni

  • Capacity

    up to 45 people

  • Duration

    8 h
  • Type

  • Price



Go on board on an extraordinary sailing excursion aboard a majestic motor sailer, voyaging from Athens to the captivating islands of Aegina and Moni. Against the backdrop of the glistening Aegean Sea, this exclusive journey promises a day of unparalleled luxury and relaxation.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a jubilant celebration as we set sail for the enchanting islands. From the moment we set course, you’ll be enveloped in an atmosphere of festivity, where each instant brims with delight and anticipation.

Envision yourself luxuriating in the radiant Mediterranean sunlight, absorbing the awe-inspiring vistas as we gracefully navigate the azure expanse. Experience the thrill as you plunge into the inviting turquoise waters, invigorating your senses with every exhilarating dive.

As the day unfolds, revel in pure joy, swaying to the rhythm of your favorite melodies on the expansive deck. Our seasoned crew will attend to every detail, ensuring a seamless experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the moment.

Join us for an unmatched sailing adventure, where sun-soaked moments, refreshing dips and lively entertainment, are all part of the itinerary. It’s a day filled with opulence and unforgettable memories that will linger in your heart long after the voyage concludes. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary cruise experience of a lifetime.

*Final prices may vary based on the season and number of passengers



    Yacht type:






    2x350 HP

    Cruising Speed:


    Max Speed:







    45 persons






  • Extraordinary sailing excursion

  • Experience luxury and relaxation

  • Experience unparalleled luxury and relaxation

  • Dive into inviting turquoise waters

  • Included

  • Snorkeling

  • Captain

  • Crew

  • Fuel (for this route)

  • Not Included

  • Food and Drink (upon request)

  • Gratuities

  • Location

    Experience FAQs

    What is included in the cost of a private cruise?

    The cost of your private cruise includes the rental of the yacht or boat, fuel costs, services of the captain and crew, and basic beverages. We often welcome our guests with a snack to start their journey pleasantly. For those looking to enhance their experience, we offer additional services such as catering, entertainment, and specialized activities, which can be arranged upon request to tailor your cruise to perfection.

    Can we play our own music on the cruise?

    Yes, most private cruises are equipped with sound systems that allow you to play your own music via Bluetooth or AUX connections. Feel free to bring your playlist to enjoy your favorite tunes while cruising.

    How do we handle gratuities for the crew?

    While gratuities are not included in the price of your cruise and are not mandatory, they are greatly appreciated by our crew for exceptional service. A typical gratuity is 10-20% of the cruise cost, based on your satisfaction.

    How do I pay?

    1. Book online and pay with Credit Card or PayPal. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Dinners).
    2. Pay with Cash or Credit Card to our Branches or Dock of embarkation.

    How we make a reservation?

    1. Book online by filling out the reservation form, BOOK NOW buttons.
    2. Book via phone ( +30 2106847699 or +30 694 9905174 ).
    3. Book by email ( fill in inquiry forms.

    What to bring with me?

    • It’s recommended to bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a towel, and a camera.
    • If your cruise includes swimming or snorkeling, bring appropriate swimwear and gear, unless provided
    • See the Cruise that you booked for towels (include/not include)
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    From: 5,500€